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Learning Never Stops

Even though another school year has drawn to a close, that doesn't mean that the learning has come to an end until September. There are several ways you can have your children learn new things and practice their skills throughout the summer. The tips below are just a few suggestions…

  • Reading- Set aside time every day to read. Allow your child to stay up an extra 15 minutes…just to read a good book!
  • Writing- Send an e-mail or note to a friend your child hasn't seen since school ended.
  • Math- Measure ingredients for cooking or materials for building a project.
  • Science- Plant a garden to learn more about how plants grow.
  • Social Studies- Use the internet and a map to learn more about a vacation destination.
  • PE- Ride bike, walk, swim, and play outside daily.
  • Health- Visit a Farmer’s Market (or the produce department in a local grocery store) and try a new kind of fruit or vegetable.
  • Art- Use household supplies to create an artistic sculpture or design.
  • Music- Listen to variety of music and talk about favorite musicians, groups, songs, and styles.
Don’t let three months of summer vacation prevent your child from continuing to develop their skills for the next grade level. Whatever your son/daughter may be interested in, please keep them learning!
Allison Schmidt, Superintendent


Martin County West Schools is Accepting New Open Enrollment Students​

Martin County West Schools has many great things to offer our students.
  • Student centered environment
  • Small elementary class sizes
  • Variety of educational choices and opportunities
  • Safe, orderly schools
  • High graduation rate
  • Technology integrated at all levels
  • Recently updated facilities
  • 22% of our students open enroll to MCW from other districts

Please contact one of the schools shown below to open enroll your students to MCW.
Sherburn Elementary       grades K-2       764-4461
Trimont Elementary         grades 3-6        639-2081
MCW Jr/Sr High               grades 7-12     764-4671

Open Enrollment Form

2017 - 2018 School Year

August 28    ----- Teacher Workshop
August 29    ----- Teacher Workshop 
August 30    -----  Teacher Workshop 
August 31    -----  Teacher Workshop (7-12)  (1/2 Day)
August 31    -----  7th & 9th Grade Orientation 8:30 AM - 12 noon
September 4 ----- Labor Day- No School
September 5  ---  School Begins for Grades 7-12 Only
September  5 ---  Gr K-6 Workshop 8 AM - Noon
September 5 ---   Gr K-6 P/T Conf. Noon - 8 PM
September 6  ----- Gr K-6 P/T Conf. 8 AM - 12 PM
September 7-----  Grades K-12 in Session 
October 3    -----    Midquarter
October 19-20 ----- MEA - No School
November 3 ----  End of 1st Quarter
November 16 -----K-12 P/T Conferences 4-8 PM 
November 17----  Teacher Workshop
November 21----  K-6 P/T Conferences 4-8 PM 
November 23-24--- Fall Break
December 8 --- Midquarter
Dec. 22 - Jan. 1 ---- Winter Break
January 2---- School Resumes
January 18----2nd of 2nd Quarter
January 19--- Teacher Workshop 
February 16 ----- Holiday        
February 19 --- President's Day - No School
February 21 ---- Midquarter
February 22 -----K-12 P/T Conferences 4-8 PM 
March 20 ---   K-6 In Session / 7-12 Workshop
March 23 ----- End of 3rd Quarter
Mar 29-Apr 2 ---- Spring Break
April 27 ---   Midquarter
May 28  ---- Memorial Day- No School
May 31 ---- Last Day for Students
June 1  ---- 1/2 Day Teacher Workshop 
June 3  ---- Graduation
  • The make-up days may be February 16, February 19, the end of the year, and may include the use of extended days .  The dates listed above may not be made up in the order listed.  Additional make-up days may be added at the end of the year if necessary