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Music in the Schools Month

March is Music in the Schools Month. This is a time to celebrate the many benefits music education provides for our students at all grades levels.

  • Music develops all learning styles. Students who participate in music classes regularly engage in visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (physical) learning activities.
  • Music develops critical thinking. Students who perform music are constantly thinking as they read the notes, perform the rhythms, and self-assess for tone.
  • Music increases student achievement. Students involved in music education tend to do better in other subjects and on tests.
  • Music fosters teamwork. Students must work together, with each person playing or singing their individual part, in order for the group to perform the music well.
  • Music is relaxing. Life can be stressful and produce anxiety for people of all ages. Music helps individuals relax and refocus.

We are fortunate that our MCW students in grades K-7 are able to participate in Music Education classes. In addition, beginning in grade 5 students can choose to participate in Band and can participate in Choir starting in grade 7.

You may be asking yourself how you can support our Music program. Three simple tips are provided below.

  • Attend your child(ren)’s concerts and support their vocal and/or instrumental practice time at home.
  • Encourage your child to participate in music. Many of our students are so talented musically and just need a little encouragement to develop their abilities.
  • Expose your child to different varieties of music at home. Country, classical, rock, jazz, pop, blues, and reggae are just a few kinds of music that you can experience with your child at home or in the car.

Let’s celebrate music in our schools!

Allison Schmidt, Superintendent


School Closings and Late Starts
There will be days that school will be starting late and/or cancelled due to the weather conditions.  We will use our Instant Alert system along with calling the following radio/TV stations:
KSUM AM 1370 Fairmont
KFMC FM 106.5 Fairmont
WCCO AM 830 Mpls
WCCO TV Ch 4 Mpls
KKOJ AM 1190 Jackson
KKOJ FM 105.7 Jackson
KSTP TV Ch 5 Mpls
KEYC TV Ch 12 Mankato

It would be greatly appreciated if you did not call the school during the time that decisions are being made since the phones are all needed to gather information and make calls.

If you are not eligible for Instant Alert you may receive weather related announcements by signing up at KEYC TV.
  1. Google - KEYC TV school closings
  2. Select - School Closings Sign Up - KEYC
  3. Follow instructions for signing up


2017 - 2018 School Year

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August 28    ----- Teacher Workshop
August 29    ----- Teacher Workshop 
August 30    -----  Teacher Workshop 
August 31    -----  Teacher Workshop (7-12)  (1/2 Day)
August 31    -----  7th & 9th Grade Orientation 8:30 AM - 12 noon
September 4 ----- Labor Day- No School
September 5  ---  School Begins for Grades 7-12 Only
September  5 ---  Gr K-6 Workshop 8 AM - Noon
September 5 ---   Gr K-6 P/T Conf. Noon - 8 PM
September 6  ----- Gr K-6 P/T Conf. 8 AM - 12 PM
September 7-----  Grades K-12 in Session
September 22 --- Homecoming
October 3    -----    Midquarter
October 19-20 ----- MEA - No School
November 3 ----  End of 1st Quarter
November 13 ---- Teacher Workshop (No School)
November 16 -----K-12 P/T Conferences 4-8 PM
November 21----  K-6 P/T Conferences 4-8 PM 
November 23-24--- Fall Break
December 8 --- Midquarter
Dec. 23 - Jan. 1 ---- Winter Break
January 2---- School Resumes
January 18----2nd of 2nd Quarter
January 19--- Teacher Workshop (No School)
February 16 ----- School in Session (Snow Makeup Day)  
February 19 --- President's Day - School in Session (Snow Makeup Day)
February 21 ---- Midquarter
February 22 -----K-12 P/T Conferences 4-8 PM 
March 20 ---   K-6 In Session / 7-12 Workshop
March 23 ----- End of 3rd Quarter
Mar 29-Apr 2 ---- Spring Break
April 27 ---   Midquarter
May 28  ---- Memorial Day- No School
May 31 ---- Last Day for Students
June 1  ---- 1/2 Day Teacher Workshop 
June 3  ---- Graduation
  • The make-up days may be February 16, February 19, the end of the year, and may include the use of extended days .  The dates listed above may not be made up in the order listed.  Additional make-up days may be added at the end of the year if necessary



Martin County West Schools is
Accepting New Open Enrollment Students

Martin County West Schools has many great things to offer our students.
  • Student centered environment
  • Small elementary class sizes
  • Variety of educational choices and opportunities
  • Safe, orderly schools
  • High graduation rate
  • Technology integrated at all levels
  • Recently updated facilities
  • 22% of our students open enroll to MCW from other districts

Please contact one of the schools shown below to open enroll your students to MCW.
Sherburn Elementary (K-2)       507-764-4461
Trimont Elementary (3-6)          507-639-2081
MCW Jr/Sr High (7-12)              507-764-4671

Open Enrollment Form